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About Hognestad Driving School: 

Great visions now and for the future

The traffic school was established in Stavanger in 1946 by Mr Ingebret Hognestad. The school started out with an ordinary car training programme. Over the years the traffic school was further developed and in 1980 MC training was included in the programme. In 2008 the programme was extended to include training for driving a car with trailer (category BE).

In 2011 the traffic school moved from its original location in Kannik to Madlaveien 8, where its base is located today, and a branch was established at Tau. The moped training course was included in the program in 2012, and the year after, in 2013, Hognestad Trafikkskole opened a branch at Ski, which moved into new, modern premises at Ås in 2015.

In 2016 the traffic school included Tractor to the training programmeand and in 2017 Hognestad Driving School opened a new branch in Sandnes. A traffic school under continuous development.

Our rules

It is the student´s responsibility to familiarize themselves with our school policy.  

Under 18 år?
If you are under the age of 18, your parents must sign one form confirming that they are financially responsible until you are of age. The form can either be completed completed by us by mail: or delivered to the office before starting your training with us. Please contact us and we can send you the form.

Scheduled driving lessons that is not used must be paid. Deadline for cancellation are before kl. 10.00 in the morning, 1 work day before. Mandatory courses for example: driving on slippery surface, overtaking, driving on country road and final driving in different traffic environments must be canncelled before kl. 10.00 in the morning, 3 work days before. For cancellation and changing of driving lessons please contact your instructor. If your instructor does not answer the phone, send an SMS!
You can find your instructors number here!

In case of illness a medical certificate must be presented within 5 working days from the first day of illness, then you will not be charged for the appointment.

SMS notification
We offer SMS notification. This is automatically sent out from tabs. If you do not receive SMS notification prior to a driving lesson/ course, this is NOT a valid reason to not attend a lesson/ course. Use your personal page at for details on the next lesson/ course. If you do not receive SMS notification, inform the administration.

Dersom du ikke mottar SMS varsling, gi beskjed til kontoret.

You pay for each driving lessons. All credit including the practical test must be paid within 3 work days before the practical test. If not everything is paid the practical test will be canceled! You can pay by card, cash or via internet bank.

An invoice will be sent if you credit has not been paid within 3 days. There will be a kr. 80,- invoice fee.

All employees at Hognestad Trafikkskole have professional ethics confidentiality.

Complaints should primarily be directed to the general manager.

Your personal page
You have your own personal page on the internett. You can get an overview of your balance, payment information and scheduled driving lessons.

This is how you login to your personal page:
1. Click on “Student login” in the top right corner of this page.
2. If this is your first time you have to click “Mangler passord?” and follow the instructions.

If you need any help logging in please contact your instructor or the office.

Practical Test

Important things to remember before the test:

Once you have passed the theoretical test can you in consultation with your instructor book a practical test. You have to be 18 years old before you can take the test. The test for category B lasts for about 70 minutes and you will be driving a warm up lesson with your instructor before the practical test.

  • All Traffic School fees must be paid in advance, otherwise the test will be canceled.
  • Cash or a bank card to pay the fee and the making of the driving licensen to the traffic station.
  • Approved ID.
  • Bring Basic traffic course certificate/ driving license.
  • You must be able to answer question about the safety check.
  • Be on time.
  • Go to bed early the night before, eat a good breakfast and get a good feeling!
In the beginning of the test will the examiner ask you some questions about the safety check. Remember that all the Traffic School fees must be paid in advance and remember to bring cash or a bank card to pay the fee to the traffic station. You also have to bring approved ID.

If you do not pass the the test, you will have a reason in writing. A new test may be taken after 4 weeks, and the fee must be paid again.

Good luck!

Theory test

Want your drivers license? As known you have to pass a theoretical test at Statens Vegvesen. 

The test for category B last for 90 minutes and consists of 45 questions where 38 must be correctly answered. The test is diffucult for many and you can practice on the internet before you take the test. We also recomend to read the theoretical book.

To test yourself on the internett you can visit You can pay with your phone or bank card. The questions are produced by Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund and they are simlar to the test you will get at the traffic station

Info from vegvesenet 

Before you can take the theoretical test you have to submit an application about driving license to the traffic station. You can do that on the internett throug “You page” on When your application has been registrated can you take the theory test.

The test can earliest be taken 6 months before you meet the minimum age requirement for the category. There is an exception for moped and snowmobile, then the minimum age requirement must be meet since it is the final test.

You have to take the theoretical test at the traffic station. You dont have to book an appointment, but some of the traffic stations have limited hours for the test. You have to show vaild ID and pay for the test and a photo before the test. In their examination room will you be answering the questions on a computer. You will get the result instant when you are finished with the test.

Once you have passed the theoretical test can you in consultation with your instructor book a practical test. You can take the practical test when all of the mandatory lessons have been approved and the age requierment for the category is meet. You can check this at “Your page” on Should something unexpected happpen such that the test is not completed or that you dont pass, it is good to know that the theoretical test is valid for 3 years.

If you fail the theoretical test you have to wait two weeks before you can take a new test. You get to know what topics you answered incorrectly, but not the specific questions. You have to show vailid ID and pay for a new test.


Info from 

At can you find tests for car, moped, mc and for all the other categories as well.

At can you easy and safe practice for the test you will get at the traffic station. Teoritentamen offers different accesses with different durations, you can choose what suits you best. Unlimitet accsess on both pc and smartphone for the period you choose. is the biggest collection of theory questions for car and other categories in Norway. The question database consist of more than 6500 questions and are developed by authors from Autoriserte Trafikkskolers Landsforbund (ATL). The authors are also the develoepers of several reading books and questions book in the book series “The road to your driving licence”. Their question database is continously updated with new questions and they are continously adapting the questions such that they always are consistent with the current rules and regulations. Through the long cooperation with ATL, teoritentamen is known for the good quality.

Read more on!

Our vehicles

You certainly know when our cars pass by, with their characteristic features. The vehicles are chosen because of their operational safety, performance and comfort. 


We have branches all over the country. Browse the tabs below to see the right price for your area.

Pricelist Stavanger and Tau

Basic Traffic Course
Basic Traffic Course Stavangerkr. 1600,-
First aid course Stavangerkr. 800,-
Night Driving demonstration Stavangerkr. 2000,-
Basic Traffic Course Taukr. 1950,-
First aid course Taukr. 950,-
Night Driving demonstration Taukr. 2300,-
Category B - Passenger Car
Driving lessonkr. 750,-
Double driving lessonkr. 1500,-
Step 2 & 3 mandatory lessonkr. 750,-
Step 3 Driving on slippery surfacekr. 4510,-
Overtaking theorykr. 750,-
Overtakingkr. 1500,-
Step 4 Safety course on the road
>The risk of drivingkr. 950,-
>Driving on country roadkr. 4350,-
>Final driving and planning in different traffic environmentskr. 2950,-
>Final Theorykr. 950,-
Practice driving testkr. 1500,-
Warm up lessonkr. 750,-
Driving Testkr. 2250,-
Fee to N.A.F Practice courtkr. 1350,-
Toll fee (a one time fee)kr. 300,-
Face maskkr. 20,-
Corona testkr. 100,-
SMS notificationkr. 200,-
Theoretical testkr. 350,-
Driving test – Category Bkr. 1150,-
For the making of the driving licensekr. 200,-
Picture for the driving licensekr. 70,-

Pricelist Ås

Basic Traffic Course
Basic Traffic Coursekr. 1000,-
First aid coursekr. 700,-
Night Driving demonstrationkr. 1800,-
Category B - Passenger Car
Driving lessonkr. 780,-
Driving lesson after 16:30 and weekendskr. 980,-
Driving lesson 60 minkr. 1040,-
Driving lesson 60 min, after 16:30 and weekendskr. 1305,-
Step 2 mandatory lessonkr. 780,-
Step 3 mandatory lessonkr. 780,-
Step 3 Driving on slippery surfacekr. 3990,-
Overtaking theorykr. 780,-
Overtakingkr. 1560,-
Step 4 Safety course on the road
– The risk of drivingkr. 780,-
– Driving on country roadkr. 3770,-
– Final driving and planning in different traffic environmentskr. 3350,-
– Final Theorykr. 780,-
Practice driving testkr. 1560,-
Driving Test inkluding 45 min warm up lessonkr. 3230,-
Fee to N.A.F Practice courtkr. 1350,-
Theoretical testkr. 350,-
Driving test – Category Bkr. 1150,-
For the making of the driving licensekr. 200,-
Picture for the driving licensekr. 70,-

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Free Driving Lesson

If an attendant attends a companion course, one can get a free trial if the companion is also on the driving session.

Free lesson

Category B

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